Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Stormy Day In Stonehaven

 Thought you might like to see some photos we took down in Stonehaven this morning. Yesterday was really wild and a lot of the beach had been thrown up onto the boardwalk and into gardens. Today was milder and the sun actually came out for a bit but the waves coming into the bay and the harbour were spectacular. There were people everywhere taking photographs, including one man from the local newspaper. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me and had forgotten my phone so had to make do with Ian's phone. So the pictures aren't great but you get the idea!

This part of the pier had to be closed it was so dangerous.

Can you see the boat that sunk in the harbour? This pic is a bit blurry I'm afraid.

This is the other side of the harbour wall in Stonehaven Bay.

 I am a bit vexed that these photos don't convey how wonderful this looked. (Note to self - keep camera in your bag!)

We stood and watched for a long time and wondered how anyone can see the majesty and power of the sea and not see the Creator.

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